Hello, my name is Mohamed Ismail,

I love Frankfurt because of its many facets and the fusion of tradition and modernity. They say all roads lead to Rome. For me, all (my) paths lead to Frankfurt, the city where I was born and grew up. Therefore I know the manifold possibilities of this city like the back of my hand.

To experience how Frankfurt is developing into one of the world’s best-placed metropolises and how it is becoming a first-class city for individuals and companies from different industries and cultures is a blessing and to be able to share this with others is a fulfillment!

As a graduate mechanical engineer, I love to analyze every detail so that the customer can always expect the best quality. As a long-time management consultant for the industry, I understand very well how to keep the customer’s advantage in mind and how to collaborate with international customers. The five languages (German, English, Gujrati, etc.), which I speak very well, help me to quickly understand the most different needs and to create individual solutions.

Please contact me. I look forward to answering your request personally: