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Immigration Law in Germany is rather complicated with many various visa and permit types. Procedures to obtain a visa can be lengthy too. Make sure to work with a professional agency to assist your employees throughout the immigration procedure.


As a general rule, non-EU nationals are obliged to obtain an entry visa prior to arriving in Germany. This procedure can take months, depending on the applicant status, nationality, kind of a visa etc. Nationals of USA, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Japan, New Zealand , nd Israel are allowed to enter Germany without a valid entry visa and apply for a work/residence permit in Germany.

All non-EU nationals are required to retain throughout the whole time in Germany a valid residency permit and an appropriate work permit, if they intend to work in Germany regardless of the status of the job (self-employed, expatriate contract, local hire). The procedure of obtaining the permit can be lengthy and various documents are required for the application.

All dependent family members and spouses of a main applicant, can apply for a residence permit. Spouses holding a valid residence permit are entitiled get employment. However, self-employment is not allowed.

It is advisable to bring important documents in a hand luggage as opposed to being shipped with other household goods. It may take up to 3 months to get belongings delivered to a new home. The immigration procedure however, should be started shortly after your arrival to Germany.

There is a variety of different permits depending on such conditions as:

  • annual salary
  • education of the applicant
  • position and responsibility
  • type of the job
  • type of the employment contract
  • etc.

The different permits include:

  • Work Permit
  • Blue Card
  • Specialist Work Permit
  • Student Visa
  • Trainee Visa
  • Intra-Company Educational Program
  • Intra-Company Mobility (ICT-Card)
  • International Personnel Exchange Program
  • etc.

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